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Fox Cancels Prison Break

Prison Break will draw to a close with its final handful of episodes set to air later this year. Fox announced the news today, stating that the first of the series’ final episodes will premiere on Friday, April 17th. Yes, Friday. Even if they hadn’t actually come out and said the show was being cancelled, the new night would have been indication enough. Given the death-sentence time slot, one might consider it rather generous of Fox to air the last four episodes at all.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “In addition to the remaining four episodes, there's a possibility of a couple more episodes being shot.” Maybe Fox is waiting to see some backlash over the news that the series is being cancelled or else, a surprising spike in the ratings when the first of the last four episodes airs this April before deciding whether or not they’ll bother to squeeze out a few more episodes. So if you’re a PB fan, you’ve got a couple of months to cause a stink before the series wraps up.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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