One glance at Fox's 2012 Summer TV schedule and it's not difficult to see why the network might call the approaching season "The Summer of Gordon." British chef, restaurateur and culinary celebrity Gordon Ramsay is set to star in three unscripted series on the network this summer. The latest teaser released by Fox showcases all three shows, two of which return next month.

It's not as though Ramsay's new to Fox. In fact, two of the three series in which he stars are returning unscripted competition series. Hell's Kitchen will be back for Season 10 this May, while Masterchef returns for its third season. Masterchef has aspiring chefs competing against one another in various challenges, while Hell's Kitchen features people from various culinary backgrounds teamed up against one another and trying not to get eliminated. And then there's the new series Hotel Hell, which has Ramsay traveling to struggling bed & breakfasts and inns to help them sort of out their issues and get them back into shape. All three series are showcased in the teaser below, which Fox has titled "The Summer of Gordon."

It does seem like a strong appreciation for Gordon Ramsay is going to be a requirement for those who plan to be regular viewers of Fox this summer. From the video above, it looks like Hell's Kitchen will start with a challenge that has the contestants digging through snow (or most likely, ice). And of course, Ramsay is already yelling at people. He seems less angry in the Masterchef clip, which has him politely congratulating someone… and then finishing the sentence by announcing that this person has the worst dish in the competition so far. I'm not sure which is meaner, yelling or that. Last, we got to see a glimpse of Hotel Hell, which might have actually included bugs in the bed (unless those specks were something else). Gross! (Or better yet, "Shut it down!").

Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef return May 29. Hotel Hell premieres June 4. View Fox's full 2012 Summer schedule here.

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