Futurama Fan Dons Bender Mask To Pop The Question In Binary

It's hard out there for a guy with marriage on his mind. Not the weight of emotional commitment or anything like that, I'm talking about coming up with a creative way to pop the question. In the old days, sure, you'd hear third-hand stories through friends of crazy, Hollywood-style proposals. Maybe you knew a guy who hired a skywriter to spell out the question over his girlfriend's workplace or something. But now, with the advent of sites like YouTube, you can find a barrage of insane proposals, each more insane and creative than the last. What's a poor fella to do when faced with that sort of competition? Forget all the bigoted hand-wringing about gay nuptials; YouTube is the greatest threat to the institution of marriage.

Take, for instance, a chap named Robert Hall. He's a computer programmer. He's a huge fan of Futurama. He's crazy in love with a girl named Rachel. He wants her to be the Leia to his Han, the Aeryn Sun to his John Crichton, the Delenn to his Sheridan. He decides it's time to ask for her hand in marriage, but he has to make it memorable. So what does he do? He knows Rachel loves robots, so he combines that with his Futurama fandom and records his proposal while wearing a Bender mask, then posts it on her Facebook wall.

Sweet, right? Sure, it's not as ambitious as some, but it's got that personal touch, it's clear he wanted this proposal to be specifically and unforgettably for her. And hey, it's the sort of thing that probably would have made him a YouTube star of the moment even if he hadn't taken the next, extra-nerdy step that he did. What was that extra-nerdy step, you ask? He delivered the proposal entirely in binary.

According to News Today, it took Hall six attempts to get the message right, which roughly translates to "Rachel, you are awesome! Will you marry me?” Okay, it's not the most romantic proposal ever, but we'll cut him some slack because, again, freakin' binary. Once he helped Rachel translate the message, she said yes.

So what gave Hall the idea for the unique proposal? "I just did it because I knew Rachel would think it was awesome and my friends would think it was funny." No better reason, if you ask me. Mazel tov, you two!