Futurama Preview: Season 7, Episode 7 - The Six Million Dollar Mon

As mentioned in the recap of “The Butterjunk Effect,” last week’s episode of Futurama was another solid if uninspiring installment for the seventh season. There were still a lot of laughs but the overstuffed narrative and oddly out of touch subjects for ridicule, made “Junk” one of the least satisfying of the still early new year. Well, still early when you consider the season as a whole (13 still to come in 2013), but not so much in terms of the fall 2012 run with “Six Million Dollar Mon” marking the midway point.

The title of the seventh episode of the seventh season is obviously a play on the 1970s series The Six Million Dollar Man with Hermes standing in for Steve Austin. Hermes apparently becomes envious of the advantages that robots have over us puny humans so he slowly begins to implement some personal hardware upgrades. We can, uh, build him. We have the technology. Here’s a clip called ’Hermes’ Robot Extensions’ which gives puts us right near the beginning of our bureaucrat’s willful transformation.

While we don't get to see why Hermes made the initial upgrade to a robotic arm (although it certainly comes in handy for shaving some 'braiding' time off LaBarbara's morning routine), the clip does show the next step in his robo-evolution with the addition of a new set of eyes. Or, I should say, a new 'cylon' eye. The eye not only helps him see his book, "The Invisible Mon," better but also LaBarbara's beauty. Something tells me that he's not going to stop down there. A slippery cyborg slope.

Futurama returns with “Six Million Dollar Mon,” Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central. It stars Billy West, Katey Sagal and John DiMaggio. It was created by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen.