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When it comes to making a break in showbiz, landing even a small role on a show as huge as Game of Thrones has to feel pretty good. It’s hard to blame French actor Elie Haddad for being so excited about joining the cast of the HBO hit that he would want to spread the news. Posting a picture of a script page for the upcoming sixth season just may not have been the best way to go, though. Although Haddad has since taken the script pic down from his Instagram, spoiler-starved fans of the show have managed to glean a bit of new info. As it turns out, Haddad looks to be joining the ranks of the Dothraki horse-lords.

In a lucky break for spoiler-starved fans, a close look at the picture (saved from Instagram before Elie Haddad deleted it) shows dialogue between Dothraki riders as they discuss the arrival of the new khaleesi, presumably Daenerys. Less luckily for Elie Haddad, he’s probably not playing so important a character that he’s safe from being killed off for the leak. Oops? You can check out a little more, below.

Of course, the leak doesn’t exactly give away any huge plot points. Instead, the single script page is filled with lewd comments about what the Khaleesi does or does not taste like, not a reveal of who will sit on the Iron Throne or when Daenerys will finally decide to hop on a dragon and ride to Westeros. We really don’t know anything more about Season 6 now than we did before the leak, although the flub is pretty funny.

Still, any progress on the Khaleesi’s storyline will be welcome. Daenerys has been wandering the lands of Essos and trying to garner the forces to make a move on the Seven Kingdoms since the first season. The dragons have always made her plot at least somewhat interesting, Emilia Clarke’s mastery of fake languages is always impressive, and we can always count on a fair amount of nudity, but the disconnect between Dany and the rest of the Game of Thrones action has been difficult.

Immersing her back into the Dothraki culture as a confident queen in her own right rather than the freshly widowed girl weak from childbirth last seen in the company of the horse-lords is one of the most exciting prospects of Dany’s arc throughout the entire series.

With the absence of Ser Jorah and lack of any of the crew that she amassed for herself back in Meereen, however, Dany can’t count on much more than her own wits to try to survive and possibly even recruit Dothraki to her cause. Sure, she has Drogon the dragon who has definitely come through in a crisis, but he’s more of a moody adolescent at this point than a consistent warrior beast. The scene accidentally leaked by Elie Haddad is a small and relatively harmless taste of what awaits for Daenerys and the Dothraki in Season 6, but it’s more than enough to get us excited.