Game of Thrones: Watch Dany's Dragon Come Through In A Major Way

Spoilers abound in this article if you haven’t caught the ninth episode of Game of Thrones’ fifth season, “The Dance Of Dragons.” If you haven’t watched, yet, skedaddle out of here and check out one of our other lovely stories, including what we know about Season 5.

Fans have spent a lot of time waiting for the fighting pits sequences on Game of Thrones during Season 5. Daenerys had been reluctant to reopen the pits in Meereen, but had come around to the idea over the last few episodes and had even enlisted nobleman Hizdahr zo Loraq to be her husband. In theory, this should have led to her gaining more respect in Meereen. In practice, chaos still abounded, and the Sons of the Harpy showed up to attempt to assassinate the Queen and her most loyal followers. Things looked dire for Dany, Tyrion, Jorah and more, but just as they were cornered, Drogon appeared out of nowhere, and left a path open for Dany to escape. On his back. Across the open sky. We’re a lot less impressed by the actual CGI quality than we are that Dany has finally gotten to fly as the Mother of Dragons. Check it out, below.


While the flying portion might have been meant to inspire awe, it was Drogon wreaking havoc on a whole slew of the Sons of the Harpy that really caught our attention. Drogon has notably been a loose canon all season, flying far enough away that Tyrion and Jorah encountered him on the long boat ride to Meereen. However, he showed up just in the nick of time during Episode 9, and while he took a few injuries during the subsequent battle, he also took out a ton of the Sons of the Harpy in the process.


And just in case watching some dudes toast isn’t enough for you, the camera gave us another fiery shot aimed directly at us, so we could feel how toasty the Sons of the Harpy must have been after the dragons showed up. How’s this for special effects?


Drogon ended up capably saving Tyrion, Dany, Missandei, Grey Worm and Jorah, although it didn’t seem as if Hizdahr zo Loraq was quite so lucky. I suppose we’ll find out who was only injured and who has died when Game of Thrones returns for its Season 5 finale next week. There will be a long wait for new episodes, but at least we already know that HBO’s Game of Thrones will be returning for Season 6. If you are looking for our in-depth reaction piece to “The Dance Of Dragons,” head here.

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