SPOILER ALERT if you're not caught up on Game of Thrones through last week's episode through "Watchers On The Wall!

It looks like one of Game of Thrones' lead characters is looking to get back in the game (of love, not thrones). Ok, technically, Jon Snow's been single for a while now. When you break up with a girl and she shoots you with a bunch of arrows, it's safe to say your relationship status has been moved over to "Single," or at the very least, "It's very very very complicated." Alas, the brief but epic saga that was Jon Snow and Ygritte was made even more final during "Watchers On The Wall" when young Olly shot the pretty wildling through the heart. So what's a young, single Night's Watchman to do? Make a Match.com profile, I suppose.

This image was passed along to us, revealing what Jon Snow's -- or "Snow the Crow" technically -- Match.com profile might actually look like...


You can view the full high-res version of it by clicking the image below, which shows off Jon's romantic preferences...

Profile text

It looks like Jon Snow went the honest route here, noting that he "shall take no wife" and "father no children" in accordance with his oath as a Night's Watchman. But he's open to other options. Because, I mean, there's some wiggle room in there, right? Under education, "He knows nothing." Anyone else feel a pang of sadness reading that part? After all, it was Ygritte who presented him with that educational status, on numerous occasions, including at the very end.

Snow the Crow has an albino dire wolf, is an active climber, an alpha male and is into swords, Valyrian steel and battle sweat. That's hot. Hearty meat-based stews? Even hotter... if served hot. Served on the Wall, probably lukewarm.

And based on what he's looking for, it seems he really does have a thing for redheads.

If such a profile were to actually exist, given the popularity of Game of Thrones and Jon Snow as a character, something tells me he'd have no trouble finding a date. Alas, the actual Jon Snow may want to put love on hold for a while and focus his attention on more pressing matters, like assaults from the north. In the meantime, points to the profile for its attention to detail, and for giving us a bit of Game of Thrones content to tide us over while we wait for the finale.

Game of Thrones airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

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