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This should go without saying, but if you haven’t caught last night’s brand new episode of Game of Thrones, you should really avoid watching next week’s preview and reading our speculation, below.

HBO’s Game of Thrones offered fans another setup episode this week. Joffrey’s death was talked about quite a lot, but nothing was really said or done to move the case forward. However, next week, it looks as if a few parts of the mystery surrounding the whodunit will be detangled, and you’ll want to be there to see it. If you’d like a few hints about Joffrey’s demise and who was responsible, feel free to take a look at the preview for next week’s episode, “Oathkeeper.”

There are several notable events occurring during the preview. It’s a smart move to start with Cersei, who has been consumed by grief ever since her precious monster of a son bit the dust. She’s been angry with Tyrion ever since, even asking Jaime to commit fratricide. Jaime declined the offer, and in the preview, it seems that Cersei will be setting her sights elsewhere, asking her brother to go out into the big world and bring back Sansa’s head. She’s a woman on the edge, but as long as she has a task in hand, she shouldn’t completely unravel.

Sansa has successfully escaped King’s Landing, thanks to the fool Dontos, who was killed for his troubles. She’s now in the hands of none other than Littlefinger, a man who was always enchanted by Sansa’s mother, Catelyn. In the preview, we get a few hints about how Joffrey was killed off, and apparently Sansa unwittingly played a big role. It looks like Cersei isn’t barking up the wrong tree, for once.

Other plotlines don’t get as much screentime in the preview. The Wall will play a big role, with Jon Snow taking on a large foe. Bran will wake up from what looks to be a warging episode, while Tyrion sits in a cell, imprisoned but busy trying to figure out his next move. Brienne is taking a horse on some sort of journey and Bron and Jaime are still practicing with swords. Across the sea, however, Daenerys will be taking her conquest a step further, getting her serious face on when she states, “I will answer injustice with justice.” She’s taken on city after city, but something tells me that the big gates of Meereen will offer different challenges.

The difficult part about watching Game of Thrones is keeping track of a multitude of characters in an expansive world, which can be rough when the characters seem to be meandering and talking out problems rather than taking action. Despite a wildling’s threat to eat a young boys’ dead parents, this week’s episode was a relatively quiet one and thus a less exciting one; still, Game of Thrones is a careful series and we can only assume the show is setting us up for more action-packed episodes to come. You can catch our recap of this week’s episode or tune in to HBO when Game of Thrones airs Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET.