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For all of the Starks’ anticipation of winter, not one of them strikes me as the type to be full of Christmas cheer. I suppose of all of the Starks, once upon a time, Sansa might have been the one to deck the halls and get everyone into the Christmas spirit. In this amusingly tweaked version of the poster for the first season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, it’s Ned Stark that seems to have been possessed by the holiday spirit.

GeekOfTheDay posted the photo below, which features the serious looking Ned Stark, perched on the Iron Throne and likely contemplating how to make it out of Season 1 alive. Maybe he’ll have better luck with the candy cane than he did with the sword...?

I like to think Ned Stark as the type to put on a funny Santa hat for his kids on Christmas. No?

You may also note the wreath, which is hanging from one of the swords above. And below, the words “Christmas is coming” are the perfect touch (and make me wish this image was available on Christmas cards...)

Happy holidays, Game of Thrones fans!

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