It's not easy being a Stark. Things are getting seriously messy on this show and after last night's shocker of an ending, I'm not sure I can take much more than three more episodes. And that's about what we have left for the season. Check out the preview for next Sunday's episode ahead, and spoilers if you haven't watched last night's "A Man Without Honor."

Who knew we could dislike someone as much as we dislike Joffrey? Theon Greyjoy sure does seem to be going out of his way to be as despicable as possible. I'm still not sure I saw what I think I saw at the end of last night's episode. In fact, following the sight of two charred bodies which may or may not be Bran and Rickon, I had to rewind to see if there was something I somehow missed. One minute, Theon's got a couple of walnuts in his hand, indicating that they might be nearby, and the next time we see him, Bran and Rickon are supposedly charred to a crisp and strung-up. With nothing in between to confirm he actually found them, I suppose we'll have to wait until next Sunday night for full confirmation that this isn't some kind of trick.

This preview for "The Prince of Winterfell" offers no clue on that front, but we do see lots of other hinty moments…

Ah, yes. Jon Snow has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle. Will being Ned Stark's son help him or hurt him in this situation? Meanwhile, Joffrey's looking to strike, Arya needs someone dead, Tyrion is worried about Shae, and later sounds like he's threatening Cersei. Did she do something to her as a way of hurting Tyrion?

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

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