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Game Of Thrones Season 2 Featurette Takes A Look At Renly's Armor

They say the clothes make the man. Or some people say that, anyway. In the case of Renly Baratheon, from what’s said in this video released by HBO about the second season of Game of Thrones, a fair amount of thought went into dressing the younger brother of Robert and Stannis Baratheon for Season 2 of the excellent HBO fantasy-drama series.

The video below doesn’t reveal anything huge about Season 2 of Game of Thrones, unless you consider Renly’s wardrobe to be a big plot point, however it is interesting to hear what Costume Designer Michele Clapton and Costume Armor Supervisor (cool title) Simon Brindle have to say on the subject of dressing the character (played by Gethin Anthony).

Armor with flair. I like it! That’s riveting stuff, right there. (I’ll let you finish cringing at my horrible joke before we move on...)

What interests me most about the above video isn’t so much that Renly requires a “flamboyant, tailored look,” but rather, that the costume designers take into account more than just the character’s status and house when putting together the costumes. Given the thought and attention series writer George R.R. Martin has put into developing the characters of his series, the comments on the costume design are a mark of the amount of thought that goes into the production of this series and bringing Martin's story and characters to life.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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