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The Game of Thrones Season 2 teaser trailer has arrived online tonight and it’s looking like this season could be a game of Whose Throne Is It Anyway? We’re not shown a lot in this video, but we do get a glimpse of some of the main characters as someone narrates their claim to the throne.

Tyrion, Joffrey, Sansa, Cersei, Catelyn, Arya, Jon, Jaime, Robb and Daenerys are among those present in the video below. Unfortunately, we don’t really see much of what’s going on with them, other than that they’re there. It’s the voiceover that seems to be the main focus of the teaser...

I have it on good authority that the voice we hear in the video above is likely to be Stannis Baratheon, brother to the late Robert, and one of the characters who wants the Iron Throne. Whether or not that’s the case, this guy sounds very determined to claim what he believes is rightfully his.

Game of Thrones Season 2 premieres April 2012 on HBO.