North of the Wall
North of the Wall is not only where the threat to the Night's Watch is coming from, in the form of Mance, Tormund and the newly added Styr, Magnar of Thenn, but also where soon to be Lord Commander Snow's younger brother is headed. As for his other younger brother, well, Rickon, Shaggydog and Osha went off in their own direction and probably should have been included in the 'North' section. Oops. Oh well, they will eventually wind up on Skagos but I don't expect to see much from them unless Benioff and Weiss come up with material not in the books.

As for Bran, he's continuing his 'chosen one with nature' journey with Hodor and the Reeds and, going by the title of the season finale, "The Children," they are going to make a lot of progress. Yep, will we get to see a child of the forest, not to mention the three eyed-crow and Coldhands. Many people thought we would get to see the much speculated about and mysterious character last year but, after seeing what he looks like in trailers, they probably didn't have the budget. This year HBO really opened up the wallet. Good thing too because three other creatures are also growing in both size and screen-time.

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