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Casting news just keeps trickling in for HBO’s Game of Thrones. This week, we learned British actress Melanie Liburd has signed on for a role in the upcoming sixth season of the HBO drama. Unlike Ian McShane and a few other castings, her role isn’t exactly shrouded in mystery. Liburd has signed on to play a red priestess on the show.

Deadline first reported Liburd was on board for the priestess gig, but the news comes down the pipeline just a few days after Dragons and Direwolves captured this image of the actress on the set in Spain.

The Spain location is where Game of Thrones shoots scenes set in Meereen, so it seems safe to assume this Red Priestess will be stirring things up with her faith in some way or another that will affect Dany, Tyrion and the gang. Unfortunately, we don’t know a ton about the cast. Earlier this year, a vague set of casting calls for Game of Thrones did indicate that a new priestess would be signed, although at the time we weren’t privy to the fact that she would be a follower of the Lord of Light. We did learn at that time that she would be “beautiful” and “magnetic,” which maybe should have been a clue regarding what we were getting into.

The main red priestess Game of Thrones has dealt with is Melisandre, who also has a sort of magnetism and cold beauty. Maybe that’s a pre-requisite for being a red priestess?While Melisandre has been the main example of a follow of R'hllor on the series, showing us how the human sacrifices and magic can work to take down foes, she’s not the only red priestess who has appeared on the show. At the beginning of Season 5, Tyrion had escaped King’s Landing and gone on a road trip with Varys. At one point, the two men were spending time in Volantis when they encountered another beautiful and intense red priestess who was prophesying in favor of Daenerys. So, obviously some of the Lord of Light’s followers think she will prevail.

We may not know exactly how Melanie Liburd will fit into the puzzle, but I like that each of these red priestesses have had their own agenda. Dany has obviously faced a lot of problems in the time since she took over in Meereen and quite frankly, she could take any help she could get, even if that help includes shadow babies and weird magic. Of course, we don’t know if this red priestess will actually be a friend to Daenerys’ cabinet. However, there’s one thing we can probably be certain of. I highly doubt Liburd will get through the gig without saying, “The night is dark and full of terrors.” As for the rest? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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