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Wait, Did Peter Dinklage Shove His Gum Into His Wife's Mouth At The Emmys?

Earlier this week, Peter Dinklage won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama for his role in HBO’s Game of Thrones. The actor was a bit surprised in his speech, noting he didn’t expect the award while up against the other talent this year, and was even chewing gum when the announcement was made. However, he clearly didn’t have any gum in his mouth during his eloquent speech. So, where did the gum go? Actually, there’s a distinct possibility he may have spit it into his wife’s mouth. Check out the evidence, below.


During the awards, Dinklage leaned in for a kiss. Then, before he leaned in for a second kiss, he’s clearly still chewing the gum. However, after the second kiss he seemed a whole lot more gum free. In addition, his wife seems remarkably bemused about something. Just look at that secret-keeping face at the end of the above gif. Clearly, anyone with basic deduction skills could come up with the theory that he spit his gum into the mouth of his wife.

The reason we have pinpointed this gum theory at all has to do with Dinklage’s speech itself. In it, the actor talks about how he wasn’t ready and didn’t expect to hear his name announced. In fact, he “was even chewing gum” and if you take a look at the clip before his walk up the stairs and onto the stage, you can clearly see him chewing the gum. Dinklage may have expected the award to go to Jonathan Banks or one of the other big names in the category, but his betrayal of the well-liked but complex Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones ultimately resonated the most with the Television Academy this year. You can check out his full, very poignant speech, below, but make sure you pay attention during the beginning part. While that gif slows down what is happening a bit, the video shows the transition from the first kiss to the second kiss. Is there any gum transference? You decide.

There’s obviously a chance that Dinklage just made a comment about the gum to his wife and then opted to swallow it, as many a desperate individual has done in the past. In fact, at the 15-second mark, he almost looks as if he could be swallowing something. However, while gum does not actually take 7 years to digest, it’s still kind of weird to swallow the chewy substance, and I think more spouses have shared gum in the past than you might think.

Whether his wife took one for the team or didn’t, Dinklage should be pretty stoked about his Emmy win on Sunday night. That’s the second time he took the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor at the Emmys for Game of Thrones and it may not be the last. We’ll let you know if he nabs any more wins.

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