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The lands that make up the Game of Thrones universe are filled with characters of royal standings, so it only seems right that there should be some actual regal blood somewhere in the cast, right? Well it looks as if that could happen in the future, as that other throne devotee Prince Harry of Wales was reportedly offered a role in the series for Season 6. Could he be the next badass redhead in the cast?

Prince Harry is apparently a huge fan of the show, which features just a tad more wild sex and violent deaths than his home in the U.K., and it sounds like HBO wants to reward that fandom with a Season 6 cameo. He has reportedly already been offered the role, but he has remained (queen) mum about whether or not he’ll do it. I can’t imagine what would stop him, besides that whole being a prince and former military man thing


The newsy rumor came from the Daily Star, and even though it’s been a little while since they reported it, nothing has come of it yet. With filming for Season 6 getting underway recently, and casting currently ongoing, there is definitely still more than enough time for Prince Harry to make a positive decision to make his mark in Westeros somewhere.

It was said that the producers were “desperate” to get Harry on board, and that creators/showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff are hoping that some scheduling deals can be made to allow the prince to film in between whatever royal engagements he has going. Even if it doesn’t happen, it’s still fun to think about where the 30-year-old would fit into this realm.

Perhaps he could play one of the White Walkers, although hiding his face with makeup probably wouldn’t be optimal for anyone wanting to show him off. Maybe he’ll fall victim to one of Littlefinger’s devious schemes. Or perhaps he could be the person who stumbles onto Jon Snow’s dying body and saves him from his stab wounds. I’ll bet there are some people that would love to see that happen.

Although Game of Thrones started as a series that made stars out of its actors, rather than bringing huge stars from the get-go – with Peter Dinklage serving as an exception – the past week alone has seen two limited roles taken by the magnificent actors Ian McShane and Max von Sydow. So Weiss and Benioff can feasibly bring in just about anyone in the world to this cast.

Game of Thrones will be back for what will presumably be a ratings-busting Season 6 in Spring 2016. Whether Prince Harry will be there or not remains to be seen.

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