This Game Of Thrones Supercut Will Remind You Of Tyrion's Raging Alcoholism

Life kind of sucks in George R. R. Martin’s world, and to deal with all of the pain, death, trauma and drama, many of the characters on Game of Thrones drink a lot. If you’ve ever wondered exactly how much wine is consumed on HBO’s hit series, you need wonder no longer. A supercut of all the drinking on the series has been put together, and it lasts a whopping 7 and a half minutes. If you have the free time, check it out below. While there are no huge spoilers in the supercut, if you are behind on the series, some characters may interact with others you don’t expect. Keep that in mind before clicking play.

I love that the video keeps a tally of all of the major families in Game of Thrones, noting each time someone takes a drink from a new glass. The Lannisters clearly crush in that category, likely because of Tyrion’s heavy consumption of wine on a daily basis. There are a few instances where characters try to take water instead of alcohol, and are mostly shot down by other characters in the series. In a Season 1 example of this, Robert Baratheon commands Ned Stark to drink some wine, playing the king card. Hilariously, everyone in King’s Landing is constantly forcing the Starks to drink. Poor Sansa is forced to sip on wine more than once and doesn’t seem pleased about the prospect.

If you are wondering who actually drinks the most on the series, the video from The Movie Maniacs does a great job of keeping tally of every sip and every slurp. At the end of the video, the Lannisters have had a whopping 103 drinks. In second place is the Starks with 16 drinks, although a good number of those drinks have been forced on the family members. This tells us that the Lannisters are made up of a crew of serious alcoholics, with Tyrion taking the lead in the drinking game, although Cersei doesn’t seem to be too far behind after losing a child (and things look as if they will only be getting worse for the character). Tommen needs to put together an intervention, like immediately.

A few other results are surprising. Daenerys Targaryen only gets in one sip during the entire series, although wine seems to be consumed around her on occasion. It’s good to know she stays sharp. Other households, including Clegane, Tyrell and Greyjoy would probably have a much higher drinking count would they be on the series a bit more often, or not have characters who were killed off or imprisoned for lengthy periods of time.

The good news, for the Lannisters, at least, is there’s plenty of time for some of the other families to play catch up. Game of Thrones is expected to return to the schedule in the spring of 2015. In addition to the new episodes, there will be plenty of new faces that can join the drinking game. Heck, you can even drink along by nabbing one of Ommegang’s select Game of Thrones beer brews.

Jessica Rawden
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