If you haven’t caught Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode, you should turn back, now. This article is a hive of spoilers, and while finding out things ahead of time might seem like fun, it's always better to just learn in the moment. So, go plow through the rest of HBO’s most popular series and then immediately head back to this article to read more about what happened.

Everyone on board? Last chance. Okay...

Game of Thrones is notorious for offering fans a slew of relationships, romantic trysts, affairs, wistful longings, and plenty of other bedroom-oriented action. The characters in the series are big fans of taking love where they can get it, leading us to a bunch of interesting and intricate relationships between men and women, men and men, and women and women, as well as threesomes, foursomes, incest, and much, much more. I’m not saying I’m personally a big fan of producing love children through incest, but plots like these blow the vaguely conventional romances on HBO’s drama out of the water.

Tonight’s episode featured the end of a life for one character and the end of an era for another. Jon Snow and the wildling Ygritte had a few good laughs and a few pretty cute shags, but let’s face it, their romance was never really one to warrant all that much screen time. It served more to shape Jon Snow as a person, and now that it’s over, I think it’s time to peruse the many reasons Jon and Ygritte did not = forever.

Star-Crossed Love Rarely Ends Well
We all know what happened to Romeo & Juliet, and while Jon Snow and Ygritte weren’t from feuding families like those young lovebirds, they might as well have been. Snow had been living on the Wall for several seasons before he ended up with the Wildlings, and if there’s anything you need to know about the Wall, it’s that White Walkers are… I mean, you should know the Wildlings and the Crows don’t get along. Star-crossed love rarely ends with a satisfying conclusion, and Jon Snow and Ygrittte’s ending was the worst.

Really, the dude’s spent all season hanging out with his bros, only to have a weird connection with his former lover on the battlefield. After this, in probably the most romantic gesture of all time, she decided not to shoot him up with arrows again, only to get blindsided by one for her troubles. Regardless of my jests, there was a nice moment there at the end. As Ygritte was dying, Snow was able to get in one last sweet little moment in the form of a dying conversation. At least they didn’t kill each other. Awww.

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