General Hospital's Brandon Barash Will Guest Star On Bones

Next month is going to be a big month for Fox’s forensic anthropology procedural Bones. Not only has Joanna Cassidy been confirmed to join the show for a guest episode playing Booth’s mother, General Hospital’s Brandon Barash will also guest star in an April episode. While he won’t be anybody’s long lost family member, we may be able to catch the actor with his pants off and, at the very least, sans a shirt.

Since that could entail all kinds of strange possibilities, I’ll just go ahead and tell you that Barash will join an episode of Bones playing a male stripper, a role that anyone who appreciates a good set of abs will probably not mind seeing the man in. According to TV Line, the handsome Barash will be kind of old for a stripper, but he will be mentoring the poor guy who bites the dust in the episode. Barash’s episode is set for an April 15 airdate, which actually means his role will occur in the same episode as Cassidy's guest stint.

Bones has featured some interesting guest appearances this season, including an appearance from Chuck’s Vik Sahay and another from Brooke Langton. While some good guest stints haven’t been enough to help me power through some really weird episodes in Season 8, including one told from the point of view of a skull, I’m still really happy Bones is on the air to experiment and will be returning for Season 9, although I’m guessing next season will be lighter on the male strippers than this season.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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