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There are spoilers from the most recent episode of Game of Thrones all over this article. If you haven't seen it, yet, this may not be the best fit.

This week’s episode of Game of Thrones was a plot-heavy one, with Tommen and Margaery changing their allegiances. We also got the first mention of the Blackfish we’ve heard in a while and the show finally brought Benjen Stark back into the fold. There was so much to talk about last night that it was hard to spend a lot of time thinking about the complete and utter change in Gilly, both in personality and looks during “Blood of my Blood.” She certainly pulled a Pretty Woman (or maybe a Princess Diaries would be the better comparison) thanks to some help from Sam’s sister Talla. It was a short moment, but the internet could not collectively get enough of it. Here are some of the best reactions.

Honestly, the Pretty Woman theme was a pretty common one after the episode aired. And why not? Gilly looked really good, although she probably needs a little help with learning to walk in heels and use a dinglehopper fork.

Some people were simply sad that we didn’t get to see the transformation in process. What do curlers look like in Westeros? We need to know these things Game of Thrones!

But it wasn’t just Talla picking out colors and stuffing Gilly into a fancy dress that changed the willdling. While she’s always been a person that has striven to pump Samwell up, she also didn’t seem to be afraid of mean old Randyll Tarly. She even spoke out in Sam’s favor when Randyll was trying to cow his own son. Again, the internet cannot seem to get enough of Gilly and co. It's enough to keep us going as we wait for more epic wooing between Tormund and Brienne.

Admittedly, I wish we got to spend a bit longer with this makeover episode at Horn Hill. I also wish we got to know a little bit more about Sam’s family and how they ultimately became so dysfunctional. However, Sam stole his father’s Valyrian sword after being banished for good from his home. It would be better for Gilly and Sam if they didn't encounter his family again.

If you'd like to see some more of our favorite Gilly comments, pop over to the next page. Or check out what we know about the upcoming episodes.
It could be like the Clueless makeover, just in deleted scene form!

Even if this wasn't your favorite episode, at least there were a couple of excellent moments.

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