Gleeks, in last night’s episode it was graduation time at McKinley High, and we said good-bye to some of our favorite characters. Or did we? Ryan Murphy gave us some shocking plot twists! Let’s recap shall we?


With graduation looming, Mr. Schue gives his final assignment: “Good-bye.” He wants the seniors and the juniors to sing good-bye songs to each other. Mr. Schue goes first with the poignant “Forever Young.” I’ll admit, he had me tearing up right off the bat.


After avoiding “the talk,” Blaine finally confronts Kurt on what will happen after graduation. Kurt assures Blaine that their ending will be a happier “Notenook” where both will be sitting in the nursing home together arguing over whether one programmed the DVR to tape the J.Lo tribute. LOL

Post-Graduation Plans

While Finn, Kurt and Rachel anxiously await acceptance letters, we learn that Trouty Pout’s YouTube video has scored Mercedes a back-up singing gig in Los Angeles. (You go, Mercedes!) Mercedes also plans to attend UCLA while in California. Meanwhile we finally got to meet Santana’s mom, played by none other than the fabulous Gloria Estefan! Turns out Santana isn’t keen on going to Kentucky and wants to pursue her dreams in NYC. Although at first hesitant, later on Gloria a.k.a. Santana’s mom gives her blessing and an envelope full of cash (Santana’s college fund) to her daughter. She encourages Santana to fulfill her dreams. Aww, Gloria Estefan is the best!

Other Happenings at McKinley High

In between all of the graduation hoopla, Mr. Schue pulls Finn aside, and reveals he feels guilty for blackmailing Finn into joining Glee and that it was he who planted the marijuana in Finn’s locker. Not shockingly, Finn thinks Mr. Schue is even cooler than before. Meanwhile down the hall, Roz enters Sue’s office and slyly proposes to join forces and take down Principal Figgins. Hmm a Roz/Sue alliance could be juicy. I hope they pick that back up when season 4 returns.

Graduation Time

Finally graduation. Just in the knick of time, Puckerman earns a C- and the right to graduate (thanks to Quinn’s kisses). And the graduation song sequence I think was way cooler than any other high school television graduations I've watched: "Saved by the Bell," "Boy Meets World," "One Tree Hill." (well, okay OTH's Haley having her baby was pretty exciting.) Hmm but someone is missing from graduation. Oh yeah, Brittany isn’t graduating. With a 0.0 GPA, Brittany is set to repeat senior year.

The Letters Arrive

After graduation, Finchel and Kurt convene in the choir room: it’s time to open acceptance letters. OMG!! Finn goes first. He didn’t get in. Wow. Kurt goes next. He didn’t get in. “WTF?!!?! Noooooo!!!,” I screamed. Rachel goes. She got in.

Okay, and now I ask “How?” Kurt had such an amazing audition and Carmen loved him. And Ryan Murphy wasn’t done throwing us curve balls.

No More Finchel?

I guess I should have known something was up earlier in the episode, when Finn foreshadowed that he felt his acting career wouldn’t live up to his father’s army glory. And then when he didn’t get into the acclaimed James Lipton acting program, well, I just figured he’d stay in Ohio or get a job waiting tables in New York. Never did I imagine he’d call off the wedding and put Rachel on a train to New York. That was truly a heart-breaking moment. Finchel didn’t have to call off the wedding and break-up. With Finn enlisted in the army, it wasn’t necessary for him to be based in New York; they could have done the long-distance relationship. Wow. I’m really disappointed it. I haven’t felt this way since the ending of the Jennifer Aniston/Vince Vaughn movie: “The Break-up” where at the end the two cross paths and then walk away from each other.

LOL Moments

With so many bittersweet moments, there weren’t too many LOL ones. However, Burt’s rendition of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” was an unexpected LOL moment. Burt and Kurt Hummel’s relationship as father and son has come a long way. And we learned that Santana once dressed up as Full House’s Uncle Jesse one year for Halloween. Haha I would have liked to have seen a flashback pic of that.

Memorable quotes

Finn: “I'd call my high school career a total success. I mean not in terms of grades and stuff but I won a state title in football and a national championship in glee club and it turns out I never actually accidentally got anyone pregnant.”

Puck: “C-! That's a Puckerman A+! I'm graduating!”

Puck: “It's no use. My brain is like a Roach Motel. When the info checks in it never checks out.”

Blaine: “You know how hard long distance relationships can be. We both saw The Notebook.”

Sue: “You're nothing like me. You're better. Sure I'm as smart as you are and every bit as pretty, but somehow you're slightly less evil, and I admire that. I admire you Quinn Fabray.”

Music featured

“Forever Young”

“I’ll Remember”

“Glory Days"

“You Get What You Give”

“Roots Before Branches”

Gleeks, that concludes season three of Glee. We have much to look forward to in Season 4: Rachel taking on NYC, Kurt’s alternate NYADA plans, and more. See you next time!

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