Glee Watch Season 5, Episode 7: Puppet Master

In last night's episode, a gas leak in the McKinley choir room resulted in a variety of bizarre hallucinations: puppets, Miss Jackson dance-off, and Sue wearing a non-track suit dress. Wait that last part turned out to be true. (More on that in a sec.) Let's recap, shall we?

Permanent Principal Sue

Members of the school board are visiting and it looks like Principal Sue is up for permanent placement. (Which she later gets.) And I'm okay with that. While I feel bad for Figgins, this principal gig has given Sue a pretty sweet storyline including a crush on the superintendent.

After being mistaken for a man, Sue gorges on ice cream with Becky. The two have a heart to heart and Sue realizes she needs to become more feminine to attract the superintendent.

Consequently, we get an awesome flashback of '80s Sue, a gas-induced hallucination of Sue and Schue dancing, a present day Sue attempting to walk in heels, and finally a head-to-toe makeover courtesy of Unique.

I thought Sue (Jane Lynch) looked very pretty all dolled up. So imagine my surprise when the superintendent turned her down for a date. What's up with that? Just goes to show you should stay true to yourself and don't change for anyone.

Blaine The Puppet Master

No one cares about Blaine's suggestions for Nationals. Boo! So Blaine's frustration (and a gas leak) result in a series of puppet filled hallucinations. While a tad creepy, since I have a soft spot for Muppets, I gave Blaine a pass. Besides, how could you resist that cute Kurt puppet face?

Pamela Lansbury

Kurt excitedly informs his band mates that he's booked their first gig: a Broadway hot spot. However the debut turns out to be a bust with only one person in the audience. (Blaine couldn't even go because of his puppet detention incident. Yikes!) Yet little did the gang know that, that one individual would later help them secure a really good venue. Kurt for sure lucked out on that one.

Jake's Strikes Out

Jake's man whore ways catch up to him. First, Bree is pissed that he's screwing around with anything in a skirt. Could it be that's she's jealous? Probably, but more pressing on her mind is an overplayed Glee storyline: the pregnancy scare. Geez kids, haven't you learned by now: "no glove no love?" Jake (and Bree) manage to dodge that bullet when her crimson tide arrives.

But one bullet Jake can't dodge is Marley's disdain for his behavior. Despite his pleas for Marley to take him back, she tells him she can't fix him and doesn't have feelings for him anymore. Can't say I blame Marley.

Anyway on the bright side, Jake, your dance moves in Janet Jackson's "Nasty/Rhythm Nation" were a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

What Does the Fox Say

Ehhh like "Gangnam Style: before it, "What Does the Fox Say" is another odd fad song that I just can't get into.

LOL Moments

The flashback transformation of feminine '80s Sue into "Nazi Cheerio Track Suit Sue" was hilarious. After peeling back the layers of frosted permed hair and makeup, she had the students cowering in fear.

Memorable Quotes

Sue: "This is contraband and if I catch you with your hand up the butt of anything that isn't human, you're in a world of trouble."

Kitty: "Looks like somebody's manstrating."

Tina: "So, if you're done being a puppet master, do you think you could take your hand out from under my dress?"

Music featured

"Into the Groove"

"You're My Best Friend"

"Cheek to Cheek"

"Nasty/Rhythm Nation"

"Don't You (Forget About Me)"

"What Does the Fox Say?"

Gleeks, next week it's Glee's annual Christmas episode. See you then!