Glee Watch Season 5, Episode 6: Movin' Out

In last night's episode, Billy Joel was the word, Sam tested the waters of modeling, and Becky explored the possibility of college. Let's recap, shall we?

Billy Joel

Principal Sue is hosting the first annual career fair at McKinley High. (Really? they've never had one before?) Not surprisingly, glaringly absent is a display for the arts. So Mr. Schue - after last week's twerking episode - assigns his kids a decidedly tamer musical assignment: Billy Joel. Although we the viewers know that the real life of one Billy Joel is anything but tame, but I digress.

The purpose of the Mr. Joel assignment is to show Joel's struggle to succeed and inspire the kids about moving on, namely Blaine and Sam who were about to embark on a visit to NYC. Geez, looks like everyone is going to end up living in NYC next year.

Trouty Mouth Goes to NYC

At Hunter College, Sam has a disastrous meeting with an admissions officer, effectively nixing any chance of attending the school. So he decides - after talking to Rachel - to try and parlay his penchant for impressions into another schtick: modeling. And I have to agree it's not that much of a stretch. At the House of Bichette, Sam has the look and according to Tyra Banks "the trouty mouth." However Sam isn't willing to become manorexic. He refuses to lose 10 pounds so for now Bichette is out. That's good because I think all 10 of those pounds are in his lips. Don't want to deflate those babies.

By the way did anyone else catch Rachel's expression as she was oiling up Trouty? Hmm could a casual hookup be in the future for these two?

Paging Dr. Ross

Blaine admits to Kurt his secret passion is to become a doctor. It came about from watching George Clooney's Dr. Ross on the hit television show E.R. In all honesty, Blaine isn't sure if he wants to go to NYADA. He might want to pursue other passions at a college that offers a multitude of academic disciplines. Kurt doesn't believe it; he thinks Blaine is just scared.

I started to agree with Kurt, but I don't know. Blaine has never been a typical choir kid. If he was so gun-ho for pursuing a theatrical career, he never would have left the Warblers. Let's be honest, the Warblers will look a heck of lot better on a college application than New Directions. (No offense.) Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

Becky Goes to College

Lately the over-sexualization of Becky has had me cringing. (Artie's purple mushroom, anyone?) But Becky finally got a poignant storyline when Artie took her to explore her college options.

Meanwhile Sue - after much hesitation - was finally ready to let her "Beccretary" fly the coup, even offering to look over Becky's application. Somehow I have a feeling that Becky will end up finding a special needs college program in NYC and join the rest of the gang there.

Marley and Ryder

Jake's gesture of roses made no impression on Marley. She admits she never should have tried to change Jake: he is what he is. You go girl!

Later Ryder made his intentions known, and after a little serenading, got Marley to agree to a date. Awww. And is it just me, or can you totally see the real life chemistry between the betrothed actors?

LOL Moments

I cracked up when Sue realized another Billy Joel song was coming, giving us this classic quote: "Oh, no. No, no, no. Don't you dare. Over my dead body will you inexplicably shoehorn in another Billy Joel song just to punctuate one of your weekly lessons that inevitably veers off into a saccharine barrage of angst and affirmation."

Memorable Quotes

Blaine: "My passion for medicine has always been my secret shame. My first guy crush was George Clooney, aka Dr. Ross."

Becky: "I don't want to hurt your feelings, Coach." Sue: "Oh, I don't have feelings, Becky."

Sam: "I like me just the way I am and I'm not going to change for anyone." Sue: "Well that is just the screw you spirit employers love."

Music featured

"Movin' Out"

"Piano Man"

"My Life"


"An Innocent Man"

"Just The Way You Are"

"You May Be Right"

Gleeks, next week it's an all new Thanksgiving episode! Elliott Starchild is back, there will be puppets, and lots of "What Does the Fox Say?" See you then!