Glee’s giving fans something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: Puppets! Because take it from Community and Angel, you have to have a puppet episode! Some photos of the Glee puppets have made their way online, including the one above, which shows us Blaine and a puppet presumably performing a duet together in the Glee Club music room.

EW shared the photo above, along with the one below, which gives us a look at what I’m thinking are Kitty and Artie in puppet form. The site says the episode, titled “Puppet Master,” will involve Blaine and Kurt both getting a bit bossy in separate ways. For Blaine, it’s his plans for Nationals. He thinks he has the best plan to win, but his approach earns him some criticism from from the glee club when the students start accusing him of being too controlling. We're not sure how that ties in to this puppet theme --unless it's that the puppets are representative of the glee club being controlled by Blaine -- but it looks like fun either way.


It won’t be all puppets in the episode, which is scheduled for November 28 (Thanksgiving Day). Here’s one that shows us Kurt and his colorful band (including Adam Lambert, it looks like).


And here's a photo showing Marley and Jake performing together.

Marley and Jake

Are these two getting back together? Well, the don't look particularly happy in that photo, so maybe not.

Puppets and bossiness are certainly enough to look forward to, but that’s next week. This week’s episode is titled “Movin Out,” and as you may have guessed, it’s Billy Joel themed! Check out the preview for the episode below:

I love Sue’s reaction when she realizes she inadvertently prompted a musical number.

Here’s a photo from “Movin Out” featuring Artie and Becky:


Glee airs Thursday at 9:00 p.m. ET on Fox. Read our breakdown of last week's episode here.

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