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In a little over half of its first season, Gotham has successfully used procedural storytelling techniques as a way of building its crime-filled universe, with larger stories looming all around. But as great as it is to watch supervillains being formed in this way, it would be nice to see another major one popping up already developed. Luckily, we’ll almost definitely be seeing the Red Hood take to the streets before Season 1 is over with. But which one?

Series creator Bruno Heller spoke with Comic Book Resources about all things Gotham, and he let it loose that Red Hood will factor into later episodes, likely causing havoc for everyone. What’s more, he will be the character that drives home the concept of costumes and what they mean. Here’s how Heller put it when asked about the show getting into costumed characters.
I always take a long-term view of a show. I'm looking at several years. So we're in no hurry to. There's going to be an episode that involves the Red Hood, which picks up that strand, the costume strand, and sort of gives a kind of philosophical base, if that's not too pretentious a word. Why costumes? What's the power of costumes? What's the power of a mask? All of that groundwork will be laid sort of culturally for that side of the DC Universe before we start rolling into the more spectacular spandex type of deal.

That’s the perfect answer, as it’s a lot more understandable than how other comic book shows have played costumed villains. Now that Heller knows he has at least one more season coming, he can let these introductions breathe a little more. And to bring out Red Hood as the guy who asserts costumes as a way of evildoing life, well that’s just good planning; it will no doubt reinvigorate already frantic conversations about when the Joker will enter into Gotham’s storyline.

Because the Joker actually was the Red Hood in some of the comic stories, donning the costume before his face was permanently disfigured by chemicals. (Most notably in the pitch perfect The Killing Joke.) But the hood was also worn by Jason Todd, a former Robin who was killed by the Joker. There are other versions that don’t involve either of those two, and it seems likely that Gotham will go with an unfamiliar character beneath the hood, to keep things simple enough.

Heller also revealed that there might be another previously established character making the slow jump to villainy.
We’re going to see a slow but dramatic change in the Riddler story. Ed is going to be confronted with some serious troubles that start changing his character in a very profound way.

I kind of assumed Ed would just snap after his millionth fairly humorous joke landed flat with every single one of his coworkers. I guess it’s plausible that another outside influence may have something to do with that. I hope his pre-spandex costume involves wearing a giant bright green coat with question marks all over it, and that it goes on sale in real life.

Are you guys excited to see an iconic DC villain like the Red Hood joining Penguin, Zsasz and the others in Gotham’s underworld?

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