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Gotham: First Look At Mr. Freeze In Action

Spoilers for Gotham Season 2 below.

When we last left Gotham for its midseason finale, Jim Gordon put the kibosh on Theo Galavan’s mortality – although that could change at some point – and we got our first brief look at the iconic Batman rogue Mr. Freeze. And now, months later, we finally get to see him living up to his name in a new preview. Check it out!

There was thankfully an overwhelming lack of puns in that promo, which gives me faith that we may at last be able to put Arnold Schwarzenegger’s performance in Batman & Robin behind us forever. As Victor Fries, Nathan Darrow has his work cut out for him to stand tall alongside standout Gotham villains like Penguin and Jerome “Not Really The Joker” Valeska. And one good way to do that is to be a creepy looking mofo quietly walking around and turning everything to ice.

Okay, so I guess he’s only turning a cop into ice here, but it looks pretty awesome, and I’m glad the effects aren’t cheesy. At least not yet.


To further prove that Mr. Freeze will be a major force as the season goes on, the title screen at the end (in which the subtitle is now “Wrath of the Villains”) shows Gotham City completely under ice. The villain’s story has been touted by showrunner Bruno Heller as being a really emotional one, relying on the structure of a doomed romance rather than just vengeance and greed as motivating factors. As far as DC lore goes, Fries’ wife Nora contracts some kind of a deadly disease that doesn’t have a cure, and he puts her in a cryogenic state while he tries to figure out how to save her. This obviously won’t be done by being nice to anyone in the medical profession, but rather by terrorizing certain people within Gotham City.

The rest of the trailer is pretty good as well, as we get to see someone bursting through a gate in a transport vehicle, Gordon taking careful aim and shooting at something or someone, Tabitha Galavan wielding a big gun, and Riddler doing…something. As well, Penguin is locked up in full Arkham garb, but since he gets his hands on a knife, so it’s not clear if he was arrested or if he plotted to get himself in there for some reason.

The second half of Gotham Season 2 will kick off on Monday, February 29, on Fox, and we can expect to see a ton of other villains arriving in Mr. Freeze’s wake, including Matches Malone, Clayface, Calendar Man and the return of Fish Mooney, to name a few.

Nick Venable
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