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HBO is ready to bring some new drama to our lives. With the loss of The Soprano’s, and the hole left by Sex in the City, they’ve got a tall order to fill. The head honchos at HBO recently announced that they would be doing a new Cop drama, Last of the Ninth, and now their newest offering is Driving with Joni from the writer who won an Emmy for her work on Will and Grace, Jhoni Marchinko.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show “chronicles the life of a woman who spends her days driving around Los Angeles with her French bulldog, looking for meaning in her life after the sudden death of her husband.” Yahoo News also mentions that the show is about a 40 year old woman who is a tad eccentric. Joni was originally done for Warner Bros. TV, but when it was cut during the Writer's Strike, HBO decided to pick it up.

Since not much seems to be known about Marchinko, except that IMDB.com lists that she has written for Murphy Brown, and is a producer for Men in Trees, it seems to me that someone should be adding to her entry in Wikipedia .

Oh, and I just read that she, herself is in her forties, and has a french bulldog. She doesn’t have a husband, but maybe the eccentricities mentioned are hers too.