I guess it's been a pretty solid year for writer/director Greg Berlanti. He made his second directorial effort with the not universally hated romantic comedy, Life As We Know It and wrote the summer superhero flick Green Lantern. Okay, maybe not the most critically successful year, but a successful one none the less, especially after the recent television deals that Berlanti Productions has been making. Today's deal? Berlanti sold cop drama, Golden Boy, to CBS.

You got to love this guy's originality. I mean, a cop drama? We haven't had one of those on network television, like, every ten seconds. Oh, and his sale last week of the legal drama Guilty to Fox, well, that's another stroke of original genius because it's been almost as long without a legal drama. Berlanti might as well go for the turkey and sell a medical drama to, I don't know, ABC (if that happens, remember you heard the pure, sarcastic, speculation here first).

THR reports that "under Berlanti's new overall deal with Warner Bros. Television, he's sold cop drama Golden Boy, which centers on an ambitious twenty-something police officer who quickly rises to detective." So, like the Doogie Howser of police procedurals? To be fair to Berlanti, his primary successes have come on the small-screen as he make a name for himself writing for shows like Dawson's Creek, Everwood, Eli Stone (under-appreciated) and Brothers & Sisters. He's also bringing an experienced cop drama television writer along for he ride in Nick Wootton. Wootton is set to write the pilot and he even won an Emmy early in his career writing for another cop drama NYPD Blue.

A pretty good hire to pen the pilot but will it be enough to make this show stand out in the sea of police dramas? We shall see.

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