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If we were in the midst of a real TV season, we would know what shows are going to air when. But since we’re in the midst of Strike Season, the network execs are basically throwing everything against the wall and seeing what sticks. To that end, ABC has announced a change in the air date for the final Grey’s Anatomy of the season, while NBC has announced yet another premiere date for the destined-to-be-low-rated Celebrity Apprentice.

Grey’s Anatomy’s strike-induced season finale was originally supposed to air December 13. ABC pushed it back to January 3 in order to make sure viewers don’t just keep the TV off after the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Celebrity Apprentice was originally supposed to premiere that night, but once NBC realized it would be going up against Grey’s, they scooped up Celebrity Apprentice and deposited it on January 10, where it would be safely out of reach of Meredith Grey’s bony fingers.

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC is making a move that I would bet a hundred bucks is just to screw with NBC: they’re moving the Grey’s finale to January 10, right up against Celebrity Apprentice. So what does NBC do? Does it stay and fight? Under normal circumstances, perhaps it would, but when its patented “writers strike freakout schedule” is at stake, there will be no fight. Instead, NBC has moved Celebrity Apprentice back to its original January 3rd at 9 pm premiere date. It just goes to show you: The Donald may be willing to take on Rosie, but not even he could stand a chance against Bailey.