Grey's Anatomy Recap/Reaction: New History

I’m pretty sick of Izzie and her whining. Yeah, yeah, she lost Denny, she had cancer, she got fired. Deal with it. I’m totally sick of everyone talking about her all the time, and even though her return this week was to help someone who really needed it, I could have done without so much of her. That’s not to say that she didn’t need to wrap some things up – but seriously, it’s just getting old. I wanted to give Alex a high five for ignoring her, and when he did finally speak to her, he basically told her off. She needed that. Not that it’s going to do her any good.

This episode reveals a lot about a lot of people. The Chief drops the ball on all fronts – his wife, his work wife (that’s Bailey), his surgeries and Seattle Grace in general. He’s sleeping at the hospital instead of at home, and Adele rightly believes that he’s probably having an affair. He’s done it before, he could surely do it again. She accuses Bailey, but nope. Bailey accuses Reed, Little Grey, and Izzie (by accusing the Chief), but nope. Turns out the only thing the Chief has been canoodling with is a bottle of Vodka. At the end of the episode, we see the signs that have been there all along – and Meredith sees it too. We’ve all got people who suffer from this disease – I hope the Chief gets help before it’s too late.

Owen gifts Cristina with a new cardio-goddess. Cristina doesn’t see it that way, until said goddess allows her to do a crazy surgery on a 9-year-old boy with cardiac asthma. Suddenly Cristina doesn’t care that she went to a “state” school, nor does she seem to notice that the goddess has the hots for Owen. They served together in Iraq, and while she’s happy to be around him again, it looks like she’s going to do her best to get him. And the guy from Mercy West is still after Cristina, though he’s being a little subtle about it. I kind of want them to be together. The goddess can have Owen.

So, as I said before, Izzie is back – but it’s just to get Derrick to help her old high school biology teacher. He’s only 67 and he’s been diagnosed with dementia – but she’s not buying it. Eventually they realize he has spinal fluid on the brain – but he can’t afford the surgery. The Chief refuses, till Izzie reminds him that she paid for the 8 million dollar clinic and he most certainly will be approving this surgery. The teacher recovers, and Izzie says she’s going to take him home. I’m hoping she stays gone. (I do love Katherine Heigl – I’m just sick of Izzie.)

I love the show – I just wish they’d cut some of the crap.