Grey's Anatomy Trailer Shows Meredith Being Attacked By A Patient

It looks like Shonda Rhimes is about to make Grey’s Anatomy fans around the country ugly cry for the 600th time. After a disaster-free first half of the season, it appears that Grey’s is coming back swinging as it begins the back end of Season 12. ABC just released a trailer for the midseason premiere and it’s a doozy. Check it out: 

Did you get goosebumps too? Considering how intense and horrifying the trailer was, I can only imagine what the full hour will be like. 

This clip teases another near death experience for the titular Meredith Grey. Considering we’re in the middle of the twelfth season, she’s really racking up an impressive list of almost fatalities. This one may be one of the scariest confrontations ever seen on Grey’s, as we’ve been shown some truly brutal violence in the trailer. Meredith gets thrown around, her head smashed into glass, and that’s probably not the half of it. The later clips show Meredith in pretty rough shape, with Perfect Penny and the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital giving her emergency medical attention. 

Perhaps the scariest part of the trailer is the theme of silence. It can be assumed that something happened in Meredith’s struggle with her attacker that resulted in losing her hearing while she’s receiving medical attention. It’s likely that we’ll be given scenes from Meredith’s POV, highlighting a stark contrast between the chaotic hospital room and the silence that our star is experiencing. Could this trauma result in a permanent hearing issue for Meredith? This would be the first major injury since Alex amputated Arizona’s leg after the plane crash. 

Grey’s Anatomy is at its best during times of disaster and death. It’s almost laughable to think about the traumas that the group of surgeons have collectively faced. This began with the infamous bomb episode, where Meredith’s hand was on a bomb inside of a patient’s body. Ever since then, Grey’s fans have been subjected to tragedy after tragedy. These losses are often done in order to write off an actor from the show, with Christina Yang and Teddy Altman being some of the only surgeons to ever simply leave the hospital for another job. However, it looks like Grey’s is going back to it’s roots and putting Meredith in a life or death situation for the millionth time. 

It’s actually been a while since Meredith was in peril. Her most recent precarious position was her childbirth during a blackout in Season 9, but she made it out relatively unharmed. Since then, she’s remained strong and stoic during Derek’s untimely death, even though she skipped town for like a year. 

I’m sure Meredith will be able to make it through the midseason premiere episode. As Christina Yang once said “Meredith Grey has survived a bomb, a drowning, a gunman, and a plane crash. And she’s still here”

Grey’s Anatomy returns to ABC on February 11th, 2016. 

Corey Chichizola
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