Grey's Anatomy May Have Just Hired McDreamy's Replacement

Grey’s Anatomy is gearing up for its twelfth season on the air, and this season will feature some changes. Namely, fans are still reeling from the death of Dr. Derek Shepherd, who was killed off following a car accident toward the end of Season 11. Today, news broke that Grey’s Anatomy has signed on another handsome gentleman in Patrick Dempsey’s absence. The new guy is Secrets & Lies (the Australian version) actor Martin Henderson. Actor Jason George has also been promoted to a series regular.

Henderson’s been in the acting business for awhile, appearing in The Ring and Smokin’ Aces, but also in TV shows like The Red Road and the aforementioned Secrets & Lies. Per Deadline, Grey’s Anatomy has signed Henderson on as a series regular for Season 12. However, ABC is keeping mum regarding who he will be playing in the new episodes, suffice to say a stethoscope will be involved. Henderson is set to play a new surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. This won’t even be the first time he’s played a doctor, having also appeared in the short-lived Shonda Rhimes-produced drama, Off The Map.

The series is already well over the death of Dr. Shepherd. The Grey’s Anatomy team accomplished this neatly by popping nine months ahead in the future, following the shocking death of Meredith Grey’s husband and partner. Jumping ahead, we saw Meredith have a baby girl while the other cast members grieved and moved on in their own ways. I have no idea if Henderson’s new surgeon will fill a romantic niche for Meredith, but if the show was looking for new eye candy, he’s certainly not a bad pick.

Still, if Henderson is the new McDreamy, he has pretty large shoes to fill. Despite the rumors stating the character could get killed off Grey’s Anatomy, how the ABC drama decided to do it was still a shock. While driving, Derek stopped on the side of the road to help two vehicles that had been involved in an accident. He did his doctor thing, and managed to save lives. Unfortunately, as he was getting back into his own vehicle, a truck came from out of nowhere and caused a major accident. Mistakes were made at the hospital, and Dr. Shepherd died. Fans were affected particularly hard by the shocking tragedy (Patrick Dempsey was even a surprised). A petition was even created demanding the show bring the character back.

Regardless, Grey’s Anatomy will certainly be saving some money with Henderson on board. Let’s hope he’ll prove to be a good addition to Season 12, as well.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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