Guillermo Del Toro Discusses The Status Of The Hulk At ABC

This potential project was pitched a while back and then all word of a Guillermo del Toro produced The Hulk television series kind of evaporated into the ether. I mean, it's understandable when you have about twenty projects on the go in all various stages of development - pre, pro and post (not to mention dreaming of Lovecraft and Mountains of Madness) - to let a few projects slide to the back burner.

Well, even with The Hulk on the proverbial back burner, that didn't stop the man Josh Horowitz from inquiring about the gestating project when MTV caught up with the prolific writer, director and producer. They take a few minutes to discuss the Marvel superhero inspired show and traverse the issues that are constantly troubling the project aside from the mega-producer's demanding schedule.

One of the of the most obvious barriers to bringing something like The Hulk to TV is the budgetary burden (it is the 'small screen' after all and CGI is not the most affordable or fast technology). Maybe Lou Ferrigno is still available? They also discuss how close the project is to being green-lit to pages at ABC which would at least get the series in motion. Lastly, they discuss how it would fit into the existing Marvel film universe and well, it won't (meaning no Mark Ruffalo on network TV). But hey, don't let me tell you everything, watch the two dudes shoot it.

The Hulk may hit ABC and television screens sometime in the (not too) near future but until then you can catch any of various del Toro projects on the way. Oh, and GdT somehow managed a whole interview without dropping the f-bomb. That, is rare.