It’s had gangsters, vampires, morticians, and even magical carnies (all too briefly). Now it looks like HBO is broadening its horizons to include stones, of the rolling sort. Variety reports that HBO is working on a new comedy loosely based on the memoirs of Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham.

Despite having a middle name that must have been absolute hell during his school days, Oldham was a press agent for Brit and American rock acts in the early ‘60s before taking over as the Stones’ manager from 1963 – 1967. He also produced several of the band’s best-known hits, such as “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and “Get Off of My Cloud.”

Screenwriter Wesley Strick is writing the script based on Oldham’s two memoirs, Stoned and 2Stoned, and will also exec produce. Strick has an eclectic resume including everything from Arachnophobia to the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street remake. He also wrote the godawful 1997 Saint movie, so this show could go either way… If nothing else, HBO could have a replacement for their “laugh at the wacky problems of rich and famous people, despite being unable to pay your own mortgage” quota once Entourage eventually passes on.

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