Following its Season 2 renewal, NBC sent cast and crew members from the drama Hannibal to San Diego Comic-Con. While the upcoming Season 2 was the focus of the panel, it was announced that Lionsgate Home Entertainment will be bring Hannibal: Season 1 on to Blu-ray and DVD on September 24.

Hannibal stars Hugh Dancy as Will Graham, a criminal profiler who hunts down some serious murderers. Dancy's character eventually teams up with Mads Mikkelson, who plays the infamous Dr. Hannibal Lector. In the series, Lector is a psychiatrist who works with Graham to uncover a particularly gruesome murderer. Season 1 follows a cat and mouse game of epic proportions, turning the average crime drama into a psychological thriller that will keep audiences enthralled. That short description doesn’t really even get halfway into the intricacy and detail-minded nature of the series, but suffice to say, NBC has found a winner with Hannibal and if you haven't given the 13-episode first season a shot, you should really give it a try at some point.

The drama is a high stakes one, but that doesn’t mean the Hannibal: Season 1 set is lacking in fun bonus features. Extras are abundant on the disc. Most of these are behind-the-scenes featurettes, but the set will also offer some of the show’s storyboards, as well as a gag reel, which was premiere on Thursday at Comic-Con. The reel is a short watch, but despite the gruesome themes in Hannibal, it gives fans a window into how the show is shot and the types of personalities the actors have when not in character.

Frequently when purchasing TV shows, Blu-ray copies will come with additional extras but may run far more expensively than their DVD counterparts. That doesn’t seem to be the case with the Hannibal: Season 1 release. Instead, both Blu-ray and DVD copies will come with the same bonus features and will run at a similar cost, with Blu-ray copies running a penny cheaper than the DVD, at $39.97 and $39.98, respectively. If you already own a Blu-ray player, there’s no reason not to trade up for HD picture, but the DVD won’t be too shabby, either. You can check out the box art, below, or the complete list of bonus features following the art.


Hannibal Blu-ray and DVD Bonus Features
  • Audio commentaries on select episodes
  • "Hannibal Reborn" featurette
  • "A Taste for Killing" featurette
  • "The FX of Murder" featurette
  • "A Symphony for the Slaughter" featurette
  • Gag Reel
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Pilot Episode Storyboards

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