Happy Endings Adds Christopher McDonald And Julie Hagerty For Season 3 Guest Roles

Happy Endings scores a double-win for casting this week. The ABC comedy series has cast the guest starring roles of Jane and Alex's parents, both of whom should be familiar faces to fans of comedy. One starred in Happy Gilmore and another may be best known for her role in Airplane!.

We still have a little while to wait for Happy Endings to return for its third season. ABC doesn't have it set to premiere until late in October. But when it does return, we have guest appearances by Christopher McDonald and Julie Hagerty to look forward to. TV Guide says McDonald and Hagerty have been brought on board to play the Kerkoviches, the parents of Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) and Jane (Eliza Coupe). They'll appear in Episode 6 of Season 3, "in which Jane (Eliza Coupe) tries to find Serbian-themed jokes for her tough-to-please dad's birthday party."

McDonald playing a tough-to-please guy? I can't picture it! Sarcasm aside, I'll admit (without shame) that I've been a fan of McDonald since he played Johnny's trusted T-Bird sidekick Goose in Grease 2. Roles in Dutch and Happy Gilmore proved he could handle being funny and a kind of a jerk at the same time. More recently, he's played the role of Tommy Jefferson on Harry's Law.

Meanwhile, Hagerty's credits go back to her part as Elaine Dickinson in Airplane! (and the sequel). She was also great in What About Bob? and Noises Off. Given that she usually plays sweet, soft-spoken characters, and factoring in the "hard to please" part of McDonald's character's description, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a stark contrast between Mr. and Mrs. Kerkovich! And that could be very funny.

Happy Endings returns for Season 3 on Tuesday, October 23 at 9/8c on ABC.

Kelly West
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