Happy Endings Exclusive Clip: Check Out Max's Jaw-Dropping New Haircut

With Happy Endings now airing on Fridays, you might need a bit of a reminder to tune in. So why not check out this exclusive clip from tonight's episode, in which Max gets advice from Dave to find a new hairdresser, and winds up with… well, The Dave.

ABC has been very upfront about the fact that Happy Endings is on the bubble for cancellation, and even with the vague hope that USA might rescue it the way TBS saved Cougar Town, it always seems better to keep a show alive at the network where it got its start. So save Happy Endings! Find out how Max can live with that awful haircut! Figure out if Alex's block party is a success or a total disaster (I mean, it's Alex--we can probably all guess how it will turn out). And if someone can make a GIF of Max and Dave swishing their hair in unison, my Friday will finally be complete.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend