Hell's Angels Suing MTV Over Logo Copyright

In yet another gang-versus-network lawsuit, it seems the Hell’s Angels have decided to take on MTV. The world’s best-known motorcycle gang is not too pleased with the network, claiming they stole the Hell’s Angels logo for the reality series Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. They’re not happy that t-shirts featuring the logo were sold promoting the series.

Earlier this week a former gang member filed a lawsuit against The History Channel for using his likeness on Gangland and allegedly putting his life in danger. Now it’s the Hell’s Angels filing a suit against MTV , says The Hollywood Reporter – oh, how I’d love to be inside that courtroom. The Angels say that the MTV series used the famous Death’s Head logo, which has been trademarked by the gang and in use for over 50 years. It features a skull with wings and is widely known as the Hell’s Angels logo.

Apparently Dyrdek’s logo bears too much resemblance to their logo, and they’re annoyed that MTV is making money off of it. It’s not the first time they’ve sued over the use of their logo; previous recipients of lawsuits were designer Alexander McQueen and Zappos.com, both of which allegedly infringed on the copyrighted logo.

I’ll admit the two logos are really similar, and there probably is copyright infringement here, but I am have to find it just a little bit amusing that a group whose reputation has been built on an outlaw lifestyle is so happy to use the law when it’s convenient for them. Only in America, folks.