Hell On Wheels: Meet The Swede

Tonight’s episode of Hell on Wheels introduced us to a very interesting character. The non-Swedish “Swede” delivered an excellent but somewhat unnerving performance, sitting with Cullen and talking numbers as it pertained to his experiences in the war.

Twilight fans may actually recognize Christopher Heyerdahl from his recurring role as Marcus, one of the Volturi in the big screen adaptations of the popular vampire novels. In Hell on Wheels, Heyerdahl plays The Swede, a Norwegian man who serves as the head of security for Doc (Colm Meaney). Below is the scene that gives us a really good indication of what’s going on in his mind as he sits down with a chained-up Cullen and talks about the war.

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Something tells me the Swede was probably a little bit creepy before the war, but after being taken prisoner and then having someone try to eat him, he apparently resorted to immoral measures for the sake of his own survival. The story he shares in the above video is one of the things I find most intriguing about Hell on Wheels. The series is dealing with a post-war era in a part of the country where the north and south are mixed together. Some of these people were enemies and are now set up in a whole new reality together. Anything can happen.

Hell on Wheels airs Sundays at 10/9c on AMC.

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