Here's How To Do Clay Davis' Epic Catchphrase From The Wire

While movie and TV characters are normally the ones with catchphrases that audiences love repeating, sometimes the actors themselves manage to attach themselves to a particular word or phrase. In this case, it’s The Wire star Isiah Whitlock Jr., who has turned the word “shit” into a drawn-out television institution. Watch him pass on his word of wisdom to others in the awesome video below.

As Maryland Senator Clay Davis, Whitlock did quite a bit of political wrongdoing, but was always protected by those around him. What was never wrong, however, was his repeated use of the word “shit,” which was always stretched out to ridiculous lengths, as seen in the video. For anyone who hasn’t watched The Wire, or any of Whitlock’s other projects where he puts on this affectation, it might seem like a joke. But no, “sheeeeee-it” is arguably the most memorable quote from David Simon’s insanely dense crime drama. Also possibly the funniest quote, as well.

What’s that? You say you want a supercut of the different times Clay Davis says “sheeeeee-it?” Well here you go.

I could watch that all day long. Davis wasn’t the only person to elongate the curse word on The Wire, but he was probably the only actor to actually use it in other instances outside of the series. He also used it in Spike Lee’s 25th Hour, and possibly more that I’m just forgetting at the moment.

He was asked about this slightly iconic word a few years ago by FilmDrunk, and I can’t see his situation being any different now, especially with The Wire still gaining popularity amongst people who completely missed out while it was still on the air. Here’s what he said.

It’s rare that I go a day without someone doing it. And it’s gotten to be kind of a weird thing, because it I’m walking towards someone, they won’t do it in front of me. They’ll pass me and then I’ll get a block away and then I’ll hear it. Yeah, it’s like, do I have the courage, and now I’m far enough away that he’s not going to turn around and hit me or something.”

Only in the rarest instance would I ever do something like that in front of a celebrity, and I’m partly ashamed to admit that “sheeeeee-it” would be one of those instances.

The humorous video coincides with HBO’s somewhat controversial high-def transition of The Wire, which started airing again on December 26. But if you think that HD versions of older shows are bullsheeeeee-it, you can still get the righteous SD versions on Amazon Prime.

Nick Venable
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