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The Hilariously Twisted Way Bryan Cranston Liked To Break Tension On Breaking Bad

One might think that being on a TV show as serious-minded as Breaking Bad would require a cast of actors who thrived on intensity even when the cameras weren’t rolling. But that’s not how it went at all, and star Bryan Cranston was always quick to solicit a smile from his co-stars. And apparently one of his favorite instruments to use in this task was a dildo. Right on.

Cranston was speaking with – get your surprise-o-meters ready – Playboy (opens in new tab) when the subject of his penile pranks came up. He was asked about unexpectedly bringing dildos out on set, and here’s how he answered.

Well, sure. There’s nothing like a dildo to break the tension. I’ve found that’s true in most situations…I just think they’re funny. And I think it’s important to examine the tension levels or anxiety levels or exhaustion levels of your cast and crew. Sometimes a release is exactly what they need to propel them through the rest of the day and get work done.

See? You probably thought that Cranston just liked to be extremely crass while flinging dong-shaped apparatuses around in famous people’s faces, but it’s actually all about alleviating tension and stress. If you want to get serious about nailing a scene, forget repeating a mantra or looking into a mirror to regain your self-confidence. Just whip out a [Brand Name Here] adult toy to make people chuckle. I’d love to know if this involved a “wet willy” type of scenario, or if he stacked doughnuts on it on the craft services table, or what was going on there. There’s a lot of variety in how to utilize a dildo for stress relief. I mean, besides the obvious way.

And hey, it’s not just about flashing around things that are known for being inserted into body parts. Sometimes Cranston likes to bring out the body parts that things can be inserted into. (I apologize for that awful segue.) The subject also arises concerning Cranston’s enjoyment of mooning people, particularly Breaking Bad co-star Aaron Paul. Here he explains what sounds like the epitome of all ass-flashings that have ever occurred.

The very last shot we did for Breaking Bad – a flashback of Aaron and me cooking meth together—I’m wearing an apron. I’m supposed to turn away from him at one point, and I happen to be in sweats. So while they’re setting up the shot, I kind of wiggle out of the sweats. I’m wearing the apron, so he doesn’t even notice. But then we start shooting, and I turn around and just flash him my ass.

So the advice I offer anyone who is trying to get on a project with Bryan Cranston – and that should include every actor currently working – is to not get offended by sex toys and a 60-year-old guy’s butt. That’s a pretty easy job requirement.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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