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It sounds like Snooki and Jwoww will have to consider a new location for the Jersey Shore spinoff series they’re planning to do together. Word is, Hoboken, or more specifically, the city’s mayor doesn’t want the series filmed there.

It’s proximity to Manhattan, being just a PATH ride away from the Big Apple, added to the appeal the locale is known to have for young people likely made Hoboken an ideal area for a spinoff series to MTV’s reality show Jersey Shore. From the sound of what TMZ is reporting, that was the plan anyway. However, the city’s Mayor, Dawn Zimmer, announced on the Hoboken website that the city has denied the show a film permit for public locations in Hoboken:
Based on protecting public safety and quality of life concerns for Hoboken residents, the City has denied a film permit for a spin-off of the Jersey Shore to be filmed in public locations. Please see the attached letters which explain the reasons for this decision. The applicant has been advised that they do have a right to appeal the Film Commission’s decision to the City Council.

The “attached letters” (one from the Mayor, the other from the City of Hoboken Local Film Commission) mention “a litany of potential public safety problems associated with such an unstructured production as was proposed.” It also addresses the size of the city, which is relatively small, which would make it very easy for fans to track down and follow the production from location to location. Then there’s the issue of the proposed 24-hour filming permit, which would violate the city’s rule that prohibits filming in residential aires past 11:00 p.m.

Over all, the general tone of the letters seems less about the show itself as it is the possible safety issues and inconvenience of having a cameras filming in various locations at unpredictable hours, which may cause crowds and traffic jams, mot to mention a lot of extra noise during random hours of the day and night.

As for the production’s odds of trying to sneak in and do some quiet dealings in public locations, the Mayor addressed that topic as well in her letter, letter to Head of Productions at 495 Productions Jim Bianco, which references a conversation she and members of the Commission had with him regarding other communities impacted by Jersey Shore’s production, going on to say:
We were extremely surprised to learn during our meeting with you that 495 Productions filmed in public areas without a required film permit in one location. You explicitly stated that the permit was not granted and instead informal “verbal agreements” were made involving payments to individuals.

The letter expresses "zero tolerance" to that kind of approach in Hoboken, saying:
Any attempts to film in a manner that is not permitted without a permit will be dealt with immediately and aggressively by the City of Hoboken

Needless to say, they’re very serious about the matter and their decision. But the Mayor’s website post does say they can appeal the decision. So, maybe they’ll try to work up a new proposal to present to the city... or maybe they’ll decide to explore other areas of the New York City metro area, or perhaps head to some place that has the space and the flexibility to allow for a show like this to film.

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