It's been a quiet few months since the devastating and brilliant first season of Homeland. Showtime's terrorist-thriller had an impeccable debut, producing twelve episodes of intelligent, compelling and challenging television. The show's foundation is without a doubt the incredible writing, and when combined with the stellar ensemble bringing those characters, words and situations to life, it's a show second to none and completely deserving of all the accolades. However, the first season is over and that means it's time to craft the second, which includes a few of the recurring cast becoming series regulars.

TVLine is reporting that Navid Negahban and David Marciano have both been promoted to regulars for the second season of the Golden Globe Best Drama. This news means we'll be getting a lot more of Abu Nazir, Homeland's central terrorist played by Negahban. And the move makes complete sense since the last we saw of him the show, he and Damian Lewis' Brody were only initiating plans for the latter to use his new found influence to infiltrate the government. While most might call Nazir the series central villain, TVLine caught up with the actor who added that Homeland "raises the questions, Who is your hero? Who is your villain? And that’s what I love about the show.” It's like that old saying, one person's terrorist is another's freedom fighter.

The other cast member to get series regular status is David Marciano who plays Virgil, one of the freelance spies with whom Claire Danes' CIA Analyst Carrie Mathison actually has a personal relationship. Oh, and he also provides the series some much needed moments of levity. Actually, I think Virgil is a very important character for the show - being both sympathetic and tough toward our female hero as well as an extra pair of eyes and ears - and Marciano played the part to perfection. The promotion suggests, obviously, that he'll be around for more episodes but also perhaps that Carrie's investigations might not continue within the agency which is perfect, because I can't see how she could feasibly return to work for the CIA... yet.

Homeland begins production for Season 2 this May with hopes of a late-fall premiere. It stars Claire Danes, Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin. It was created by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa.

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