FX has just ordered a pilot that already seems to have network advocates. The Twentieth Century Fox-owned network has bought a project from Homeland producers Howard Gordon and Gideon Raff, that will also be set in the Middle East. The idea, if executed correctly, has the potential to be as mind-blowing as Showtime’s Homeland--at least, according to network executives.

Six Feet Under and Lost writer Craig Wright is on board to write the script for the project, which is going by the title Tyrant, which leads me to believe the show will follow a disturbing villain, but it’s too early to tell who that villain will be. According to EW, the show will follow some tough politics in the Middle East and will center on an American son of a dictator of an Arab State. When the dictator dies, the American son is asked to take over where his father left off.

Gordon and Raff will executive produce the drama project, with Wright also sticking around to be the showrunner on the series, should Tyrant make it to air on FX. Though it seems a little early to call the series a likely pick-up contender, if you believe EW, it’s more than likely.

The news source has some quotes from network execs gushing over the project, which normally would just be a PR move, but since Tyrant has not yet even been picked up to series, the quotes seem a little more genuine. What you need to take away from this is that the buzz is high with the project, and we should be hearing more from FX about it over the coming months.

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