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Spoilers for last night’s episode “Flash vs. Arrow” below. Everyone still here? Great, let's go.

Tips on crime fighting weren’t the only pieces of advice Oliver gave to Barry last night on Part 1 of the Arrow and The Flash crossover. Before saying goodbye to his fellow superhero, Oliver told Barry to stop pining for Iris, because guys in their line of work (running around beating up bad guys in colorful costumes) can’t get the girl. Barry has learned a lot from Oliver during the past year, but when it comes romantic entanglements, The Flash's Barry will be going down a different path then his archer friend.

Grant Gustin recently mentioned that even though Barry will take Oliver’s advice into consideration, he won’t necessarily follow through with it. Said Gustin:
"Barry doesn't actually have love very high on his priority list right now, as much as he might think about Iris; making that happen isn't necessarily the most important thing for him right now. He’ll always love her…he'll take [Oliver's] advice, but maybe not follow through with it. But [she]'s the love of his life, and that's not going to change.”

Gustin also told THR that Barry would start being honest with Iris in the future “about some things.” He didn’t specify what they would be other than “pretty big.” There’s two primary choices here: admitting his true feelings for her or revealing his secret identity. Considering how few people already know Barry is The Flash, as well as Joe’s insistence that he keep Iris out of his “extracurricular activities,” the former is the likelier option.

Oliver hasn’t had the greatest luck with romance since he came back from his “five years in hell” and started his quest to save Starling City. From his complications with Laurel to recently deciding to set aside his feelings for Felicity, he’s chosen to lead a life of loneliness to keep the ones he loves safe. However, as the audience is well aware, Oliver has a tendency to keep himself distanced from close friends and loved ones. Barry isn’t like that at all. He may keep his distance from Iris while costumed up (especially after the number he did on Eddie last night), but Barry will never be able to completely get rid of his feelings for her. At worst, he’ll just continue his present course of longing for her from afar while she keeps friendzoning him.

Being that this is a CW show (and taking into account Flash comics) Barry will almost assuredly end up with Iris, whether that be in several months or several seasons. Oliver may not be able to get the girl, but Barry's chances are looking good. For now, he just needs to focus on being a better superhero, and as his rage-fest from last night showed, he still has a lot to learn.

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