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How The Daily Show Will Let Jon Stewart's Critics Respond

Jon Stewart’s run on The Daily Show may be close to ending, but he sure wants to go out with a bang. In fact, producers are reportedly already reaching out to his critics to tape a special segment for the final episode, which is set to hit the schedule on August 6. The segment should feature plenty of f-bombs and should be a great addition for the finale, provided Stewart’s opponents decide to give the segment a shot.

Not a ton is known about how the finished product will look, but in short, it will give Stewart’s foes the opportunity to tell The Daily Show host to “fuck off.” Obviously, Comedy Central still bleeps out f-bombs, but the sentiment should still be the same. It should be a nice touch for an episode that will celebrate all of the relationships that Stewart has cultivated over the years, whether he agrees with the people who have been on The Daily Show or not. Plus, in a weird way, Jon Stewart actually owes these people a lot. He's been very hard on the likes of Sarah Palin and others over the years, but they've given him the material to lampoon. Plus, with certain adversaries like Bill O'Reilly, he's developed almost a begrudging respect, trading appearances and jabs on a semi-regular basis.

One person who has already been asked to appear in the segment is Donald Trump, who was recently fired by NBC, but still apparently has enough clout to appear on Comedy Central. He may have insensitive things to say, but he is still running for President after all. I'd expect for him to show up, as well as O'Reilly and plenty of other Conservative faces. Page Six was the first to drop the basics, but unfortunately, they don't have a complete guest list, probably because Comedy Central doesn't even know for sure who will appear yet.

Jon Stewart announced his retirement way back in February, and over the last several months, Comedy Central has been prepping for his departure as well as the longtime host’s final show. Relative newbie Trevor Noah, who is a correspondent on The Daily Show, will take over hosting duties after Stewart’s run ends. He's a comedian with a ton of promise and a viewpoint the network likes. Whether he will be able to continue all the momentum Stewart has created is unclear, however. Those are some huge shoes to fill, but as Stewart himself showed when he took over for Craig Kilborn, fill-ins can take programs in really fun directions.

We'll keep you updated on both this special and the rest about Stewart's final episodes moving forward.

Jessica Rawden

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