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I've often wondered what it takes for a show like "Entourage" to get big, behind the camera names like Paul Haggis and James Cameron involved. Cameron showed up last season to direct Vince's blockbuster superhero movie Aquaman and this season Crash director Paul Haggis is hanging out with Vince working on another flick.

Apparently, the "Entourage" guys don't get them without at least a few concessions. Executive producer Doug Ellin told WENN, "Mr Cameron didn't want Aquaman to bomb, which, fortunately, we figured out a way to make sure that didn't happen." They must be hoping to have him back for more, since they went the extra mile and made it the biggest movie of all time, just for good measure.

Ellin does say that though he insisted, Cameron was still pretty nice about it. "He didn't insist, but he asked nicely and he's got a strong presence, so we decided to go with that. I don't think he's made a bad movie. So we like to think this was a very good movie."

Haggis it seems was a bit easier to hire. "Paul Haggis was just great. He was open to everything, and he was very, very, very cool," Ellin says. Series co-star Kevin Connolly goes a bit further, and says they had a blast. "They seemed happy to not be directing, happy acting."

One director that probably won't be showing up on "Entourage" is Kevin Smith. If you caught the show last week, they took a dig at him by pegging the Clerks II director as the screenwriter of A2. His appointment was met with rather unhappy groans from the cast.