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Smile, you’ve been Mobbed! Next month, Fox will premiere an unscripted special that combines the flash mob concept with a hidden camera show. Howie Mandel is set to host. Details ahead!

I’ve never actually seen a flash mob in person, but having lost more time than I care to admit watching them on YouTube, I’m guessing the live experience is pretty exciting. In Fox’s new special Mobbed, people will have the opportunity to surprise friends and family with their own flash-mob as part of some big reveal. Below is part of the announcement released by Fox.

The new unscripted special MOBBED will premiere Thursday, March 31 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) following AMERICAN IDOL on FOX. Host Howie Mandel (America’s Got Talent, Deal or No Deal) puts a hidden-camera spin on the “flash mob” concept. Mandel and hundreds of strangers will help special guests plan extraordinary surprises for friends, family members, loved ones or co-workers. These unknowing participants will be shocked and stunned by surprise performances that lead up to fantastic reveals that include a husband learning that his wife is pregnant, an applicant finding out that she got the job and a marriage proposal, among others.

During the hour, we’ll see guests work on the routines and fine-tune their speech as part of the build-up to the big show. Howie Mandel will be on hand to offer guidance and probably a few jokes. In the end, with hidden cameras watching, the event plays out and we get to see the performance and the big announcement.

Hidden camera shows may be cliché but let’s face it, who doesn’t love a big reveal? Natural reactions are priceless. This show sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

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