What will the new season of HBO’s man-whore dramedy Hung have in store for us? According to the newly released trailer for season three, we’ll get threesomes, catfights, and a healthy dose of competition in the form of a younger (and equally well endowed) fellow looking to cut in on Ray’s action.

Created by Colette Burson and Dmitry Lipkin (who also created FX’s awesome but short-lived The Riches), Hung tells the story of Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane), a struggling middle-aged high school basketball coach who becomes a male prostitute to help ends meet. He winds up with an unlikely pimp in the form of an easily frazzled, poetry-writing ex (Jane Adams). Together, they launch their new career as “Happiness Consultants.”

Here’s the season three trailer:

Looks to be a good time. Hung has been a little uneven over its two-season run, but when it works it’s a lot of fun. The addition of a competing -- and much younger -- gigolo should shake things up in a good way. Plus, you have to love the completely non-subtle imagery of their variously sized packages in the last shot. Hung returns to HBO on October 2nd.

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