Husbands Webseries Premiere: Waking Up In Vegas

The first installment of the new webseries Husbands premiered online last night! In case you missed the live stream that took place online to kick things off, we have the first webisode for you to check out here.

Created by Jane Espenson and Brad Bell, and starring Bell, along with Sean Hemeon, and Alessandra Torresani, Husbands tells the story of two men who wake up in Vegas married. As you’ll see in this first installment, their marriage gets off to kind of a rocky start... in the bathroom.

My favorite bits include interview-like opening, the overhead-shot of the bathroom, and lines like “batting rehearsal” and “I look like I had word done to look like me!” There's definite potential for an amusing story to develop from here. Unfortunately, we barely get a glimpse of what’s happening before the video cuts out. If what they said during last night’s webcast is true though, Webisode 2 should be on at some point tomorrow. Also mentioned during last night's live stream, Nathan Fillion fans should continue to tune in as he's expected to appear in the series at some point!

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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